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Eagle one ​precision ​medicine

Mark Pruitt


With an extensive career spanning more than two decades, ​I've dedicated myself to the fields of allergy and ​immunology, alongside enriching experiences in emergency ​medicine, urgent care, sports medicine, and family practice. ​This broad exposure has been instrumental in shaping my ​approach to aging, particularly in understanding the ​intricate relationship between inflammation, immune system ​health, and longevity.

My clinical focus has been deeply rooted in the practical ​observation of how reducing inflammation can significantly ​improve patient outcomes. I have witnessed first-hand the ​transformative power of enhancing the immune system's ​health, leading to remarkable improvements in both quality ​of life and healthspan. This journey has reinforced my belief ​in a proactive, evidence-based approach to aging, ​emphasizing the prevention and mitigation of inflammation-​driven conditions.

My work is driven by a commitment to personalized care, ​drawing on my experiences to tailor strategies that best ​meet individual needs. I pride myself on being a trusted ​advisor to my patients, guiding them through their health ​journey with compassion and expertise. My goal is to ​empower individuals to take control of their aging process, ​offering them the tools and knowledge to live fuller, ​healthier lives.

As we continue to advance in our understanding of aging, my ​mission remains to apply the latest research and clinical ​insights to help people achieve optimal health and ​longevity.

Eagle one ​precision ​medicine

Beth Mentzer


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Eagle one ​precision ​medicine

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