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What if we could redefine aging and uncover the paths to long-lasting ​health and vitality?


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Heart Broken

Healthcare Is Broken in The US

  • Primarily treats diseases after they occur and doesn’t ​work to prevent them.
  • Insurance complexities and bureaucratic hurdles often ​leave people confused and without necessary care and ​with huge out of pocket expense.
  • Healthcare spending continues to increase without ​corresponding improvements in health outcomes and life ​expectancy continues to decline.

What is Eagle One Precision ​Medicine?

Eagle One Precision Medicine epitomizes the forefront of ​preventative healthcare, utilizing advanced diagnostics, ​including epigenetic and genetic testing, to craft personalized ​care plans that enhance healthspan and nurture longevity.

What is our approach?

We are inspired by Dr. Peter Attia's vision for "Medicine 3.0" which underpins our methodology, offering ​a proactive alternative that emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of biology, personalized care, ​and the seamless integration of technology and the latest research.

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How do I get started?

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Step 1: Fill out some simple forms and schedule a ​quick consult via telehealth or in person. This ​initial consult is $39

Step 2: During the initial consultation we will ​order some labs and other testing. We will ​discuss goals and possibly start you on a ​program.

Step 3: We will review your labs and testing ​results and custom design a program to help ​meet your goals.

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Step 4: Regular check-ins, labs and monitoring to ​see where you are along your path and make any ​adjustments along the way.

Some of Our Partners

Epigenetic Testing

What is Epigenetic Testing?

Epigenetic testing analyzes chemical modifications to DNA and ​associated proteins that regulate gene activity without altering ​the DNA sequence itself. These modifications can be influenced ​by various factors including diet, environment, lifestyle, and ​stress.

Analogy for Epigenetic Testing

Think of epigenetic testing as examining the settings of a ​smartphone. While the phone's hardware (like DNA) doesn't ​change, the settings (epigenetic marks) can be adjusted, ​impacting how the phone functions under different conditions.

Why Consider Epigenetic Testing?

Epigenetic testing is valuable for understanding how external ​factors have influenced gene expression. It can provide insights ​into aging and disease susceptibility, offering opportunities to ​tailor lifestyle interventions that may mitigate these risks.

30x Full Genome Testing


What is 30x Whole Genome Sequencing?

30x whole genome sequencing is a comprehensive method that ​reads through the entire DNA sequence of an individual about ​30 times, ensuring high accuracy and coverage. It captures ​every gene and the regions in between, providing a complete ​picture of one's genetic blueprint.

Analogy for 30x Whole Genome Sequencing: Imagine ​scanning an entire library to create detailed replicas of every ​book it contains. Similarly, 30x whole genome sequencing scans ​your entire genetic library, ensuring no detail is missed.

Why Consider 30x Whole Genome Sequencing?

This test is crucial for uncovering rare genetic variants and ​mutations that might be missed by less thorough tests. It offers ​a detailed view of one's genetic makeup, aiding in the detection ​of predispositions to genetic disorders, and can guide ​personalized medicine.

Full Body MRI

The integration of state-of-the-art MRI ​technology with custom-developed AI ​software. This powerful combination not ​only enhances the detail and accuracy of ​scans but also enables the early ​detection of a wide range of health ​conditions before symptoms even ​appear. Prenuvo’s innovative platform ​offers unprecedented insights into ​patient health, providing a window into ​potential future health trajectories.

Let us order the scan and schedule with ​the site most convenient for you.

Multi Cancer Early Diagnostic Test


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