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Eagle one ​precision ​medicine


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Eagle one ​precision ​medicine


Programs that utlize the latest in genetic, ​epigenetic, and lab testing along with a ​detailed history, exams, and other ​diagnostics. We utilize this infomation to ​design a personlized plan based on the ​latest research towards improving the ​lifespan and the healthspan.

Eagle one ​precision ​medicine


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Allergy testing and treatment programs ​that are easy and affordable. Options ​include evaluation and treatment of eye, ​ear, nasal, and lung symptoms as well as ​food allergies and treatment via ​immunotherapy.

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Teenager's Weight Loss

Eagle one ​precision ​medicine


Unique programs that are designed with ​a focus on your overall health. We ​carefully monitor you every step of the ​way, utilizing compounded tirzepatide ​and other interventions from our partner ​pharmacies. The end goal is weaning ​away from these agents to probiotic ​aided lifestyle changes for continued ​long term success.

Eagle one ​precision ​medicine

Customized ​Healthspan ​Programs

No two individuals are the same so that ​is why no two programs are the same. ​Our programs are frequently combined ​and personalized with the ultimate goal ​of an improved and optimal healthspan.

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